Friday, October 31, 2008

Things to work on.....

Some of the things for Stewie and I to work on this fall/winter:

Tunnel and Contact discrimination at a distance
More enthusiasm and confidence in the weave poles
Distance work, send outs, layering obstacles, weaves at a distance...
lefts and rights
4 on the floor contacts
Trying not to get out of shape!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last Trial this Year!

Stewie is going to Ace's Mt.Holyoke NADAC trial this Sunday. He is entered in 5 classes, everything except weavers. If I have done my math right, he needs one more Q to get his Lifetime Point Award 1000 points. Hopefully we will get it this Sunday!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NEAT Show and Go

Stewie had 3 great runs at NEAT's annual Show and Go in Hampton Falls, NH. He did the advanced course and made all his contacts and all his weave pole entries the first time at speed. There were only 6 poles since the course was nested with pre-novice and novice. We are still working on perfecting our "ins and outs" and working on tunnel/contact discriminations. Stewie is getting more reliable on his "go outs".

Monday, October 20, 2008

What are you gonna be?


Stewie Halloween 2007, you have to wait and see what he will be in 2008!
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Grand Prix 2nd Place


Stewie gets a Q and 2nd place at USDAA Grand Prix at Riverside in Hampton Falls, Sept 07
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What happens to VERY naughty dogs......

Here is what happens to Very Naughty dogs in Dummerston Vt!

One More Trial in 2008

We have one more day of trialing this year, we are traveling to South Hadley, MA for Ace's NADAC trial. We are only going Sunday Nov 2nd, and are entering everything except Weavers. I am giving Stewie a rest from Weavers since he doesn't enjoy it. If my math is correct, Stewie only needs one more Q to get his 1,000 points for his NADAC Lifetime Award. Hopefully we can do that at ACE and get that award in 2008.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New England Agility Team Show and Go!

New England Agility Team
Agility Show and Go
Tonry Tree Farm
Rt. 88 Hampton Falls NH
Wear a costume (dog or owners) for special prizes!
October 25, 2008
Registration starts at 8:00 am and continues until 12:00 pm
Spectators welcome!
NEAT is sponsoring its annual Show & Go –October 25th, rain date Oct. 26th.
Judge: Jim Gregg
Photographer: Jeremy Kezer
Courses: Pre-Novice, Novice, Advanced-Excellent.
Jump heights: 8 / 12 / 16 / 22 / 26
First run: $8/additional run same dog $5.
FMI: Nancy (603) 548-0669 or e-mail
***Dogs must be a minimum of 15 months old to participate in the Show and Go***
From route 101, take exit 11 for route 108(Stratham/Exeter)- (From Manchester –
right at bottom of exit /from Hampton – left at bottom of exit). Proceed to first
traffic light by MacDonald’s. Go left onto Holland Way (route 88). Proceed to stop
sign. Take a right onto 27 then take an immediate left onto Route 88. Tonry Tree
Farm is about 1 mile on the right. Please park where indicated.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

NADAC trial Dummerston Vt

We traveled to Dummerston, Vermont for a Northeast Agility Enthusiasts ( trial on October 4-5 2008.
It was a great weekend! Dummerston is a beautiful site and the weather was a little cool but great for the dogs. Our judge was Pam Smith. She is a awesome judge and very nice.
Stewie was pretty wild, he hadn't had a lot of exercise that week and the cool weather got him going. Our first run was Chances and it looks pretty good. There was one spot where I had to turn Stewie in to take a jump and I was too late and he went off course, but he did do the distance portion no problem so I was very happy.
Our next class was Jumpers and it was a great wide open course good for sending Stewie out ahead of me. It was the kind of jumpers course Stewie really likes. He nailed it with a flawless run, getting a Q and a 1st place. His time was 22.66 out of 29.41,going 5.60 YPS.He was really running.
We had our first try at Open Hoopers and we got a Q with a 1st place.
Regular was next and we had pretty good runs. In the first run Stewie would not do the weaves though, I send him to them twice, then decided to go on, so no Q.
The second Regular run went well, there was a spot where there was a straight line of jumps and at the end the correct course was an out to the tunnel past the A frame, there was also an off course jump there too. I was worried Stewie wouldn't get the out to the tunnel because I would be behind him, but we made it! The weaves on this course were the 2nd to the last obstacle. He entered the poles and was weaving fast, then popped out on the 10th pole and went on to the last jump, so no Q, but it was a great run and I was glad he attempted the weaves.
Sunday Oct 5th, was another cool start and Stewie was ready to run. First run was Touch and Go, and it was a perfect run with a Q and a 2nd place. The next run was Elite Tunnelers and it was a great course for sending him, and I did, and he never had to slow down and we got a Q and a 1st place. Stewie's time was 22.10 out of 29.92 , going 6.15 YPS. Stewie was flying! He loves tunnelers so much.
We missed the first regular but go the second one with a Q and a 1st place. It was a great run for Stewie.
The most exciting run of the weekend was Elite Chances. It was a good course, with a directional to the A-frame in the beginning, then a send out to the tunnel, then 3 jumps at a distance, and then an in to the tunnel/A frame discrimination. The tunnel was the correct choice. This was the hardest spot, since Stewie will usually default to the contact, but he came in and did the tunnel. We got our 2nd Elite Chances Q!! Woo-hoo!

Our last run was Elite Jumpers and it was another great running course, Stewie was a little tired and slow at the end of the second day but he was going well till he came out of a tunnel and went behind me and went off course.
Since it was a fantastic weekend!

Addicted to Agility Trial Wrentham, MA

Stewie at Addicted to Agility Sept 20-21, 2008
It was a beautiful trial at a beautiful site in Wrentham, MA. Stewie did his usual great job in Elite Jumpers getting a Q and a 1st place in Jumpers Saturday am. His time was 25.64 out of 30.8, going 5.19 YPS.
Stewie got a Q and 1st place in Elite Tunnelers also, going 5.34 YPS. He had a great regular run, missing a contact in one, and going off course in the 2nd so no Q's there.
Sunday we got 2 more Elite Regular Q's which is awesome!Both were 2nd places with Sherry the Sheltie getting 1st.

New England Agility Team hosts NADAC trial Sept

New England Agility Teams hosted a NADAC trial at beautiful Wakeda Campground in Hampton Falls Sept 6-7.
Stewie had a great weekend at NEAT. He got a 1st and Q in Elite Jumpers with a course time of 25.82 going 5.54 YPS (yards per second). We missed the Chances which had a send out layering the dog walk, but Stew went on to nail both of his Elite Regular classes with Q's and 1st places! Way to go Stewie.
On Sunday Stewie got both his Elite Regular Q's again with both 1st places. This is the first time we have ever gone 4 for 4 in Regular in a weekend. Stewie also Q'd with a 1st place in Elite Touch and Go, with a course time of 31.73 out of 48.4 which is 5.89 YPS.