Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh dear, Oh no, Stewie has a boo boo toe!

Stewie managed to almost totally rip off one of his rear toenails last night out in the snow. He went to the vet this afternoon, and the vet took the rest of it off. I should "try" to keep him quiet for a couple of days. We will have to miss the horse barn this weekend, but the good news is he should be all set for the Feb NADAC trial.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Get on the Ball-moving up to Advanced Program

Stewie is doing really well with Get on the Ball, and we are now starting the Advanced exercises. Now I do see him getting a bit tired after our sessions. We aren't getting out much in this weather so this is great for him.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Clean Run Videos on Demand

This is cool!

Clean Run just announced they are offering 12 training videos in Video on Demand format all within prices ranging from $9.95 (for most) to $14.95 (depending upon the number of DVD's included in the original set).

The titles currently include: (more will be added later)
Advanced Jumping: (Susan Salo)
Contacts?Bridging the Gap Between Training & Competition
Dream Weaves
Go the Distance Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
In FOCUS Beginning Obstacle Skills
In FOCUS Crying for Control
In FOCUS Foundation Work
In FOCUS Need for Speed
Making Reinforcement Fun
Puppy Jumping
The Pre-Sports Puppy

See all the titles here! The VOD purchase allows you full access to the 'online' video for 14 days after you begin to play the program.

You can't download the video, but watch it directly from the website, as you can pause, fast forward, rewind, and start and stop the video on your computer.

Great alternative to being able to enjoy and learn from these DVDs at a much higher cost, and you save on shipping too!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Great walk today

Today since it was a balmy 30 degrees or so, we got to take a pretty long walk at the conservation land. After dinner Stewie did his Get on the Ball work and now he is tired out. Hurray!

Club Practice

Stewie and I got to club practice at the SPCA for the first time this year. It was so good to get Stewie out of the house and let him run around and get rid of some energy. We did some agility training and he did great weaves every time I asked him.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Get on the Ball Day 6

Stewie and I are continuing to have fun with Get on the Ball. He is very proficient now with getting on the ball, and all the Beginner level exercises. Of course he is getting a lot of treats, so of course he likes it!

2009 Agility Update

Here is our NADAC progress in the year 2009

Regular: 13 Q's, we reached our goal of getting enough points for his NATCH. Total of 280 points

Chances: 5 Q's, 6 more to go to get finish Stewie's NATCH

Jumpers: Completed his Superior title, now has a total of 210 points

Tunnelers: Completed his Superior title, has a total of 220 points.

Touch and Go: We reached our goal of getting enough points for his Versatility NATCH. Total points are 150.

Weavers: No progress, we did not do any Weavers this year while we retrained our poles.

Hoopers: Finished our Open title, need 1 more Q to finish his Elite title.

New Years at Wells Beach

Stewie tries to get the stinky mussells inside the lobster pot!

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Happy New Year at beach




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