Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stewie does distance

Stewie and I went to a distance workshop today with Lynn S. We learned new things and were reminded of some things we should be doing. I learned some things I need to practice:

Sends along a line of jumps when I have to layer parallel jumps
My body language, I "pump" my arm with the out signal, instead of holding it out straight.
To let Stewie know before he does an obstacle where he is going next.
Pressure on the line
Need to build more lateral distance.
More left and right work
Use a large cone to practice go outs
Use smaller cones as targets for me to "push" against, halfway between the obstacles
Stay away from the line, then I will have room when I need to push into his path to send him out- goes along with more lateral distance.
Work with Stewie on more decelerating tools

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