Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Weave Work Day 8

Today I added two poles to the far ends of my set up. So now Stewie will be weaving 6 poles, with a second set of 6 poles about 15 feet away. I set up the tunnel again to get him building up some speed and set the exit of the tunnel at about 8:30 on the clock. Stewie missed the first 2 tries, but still wanted to keep working, and he made the next two tries. He had to work hard to make it and not enter at the 2nd pole.
Then we changed to the other side. This time it was a jump at about 8:00 into the weaves. He missed the first try and then went on and nailed the next two tries. We went back to the tunnel entry and he got it and we ended on a positive note.
Great job Stewie!

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