Saturday, July 11, 2009


My son, Jim, made me 4 hoops, and we got to practice with them today in the backyard. I set up a curved tunnel at each end with the 4 hoops in a straight line in the middle. I figured we would work on some hoops at speed, and some sending practice also.

One of the problems I had noticed with Hoopers classes in NADAC was that Stewie seemed tentative going thru the hoopers and did not have his normal speed and drive thru them. I thought having them to practice every day and bring them to club practice a couple of times would really help for our next Hoopers course at our next trial NAE in August in Dummerston VT. Check out Northeast Agility Enthusiasts website if you are interested in coming to this trial!

The drill worked well and by the end of it Stewie seems to already be taking the Hoops more enthusiastly.

Tomorrow we will try Hoop serpentines, which we saw at our last trial and need to practice for sure!

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Jules said...

Oh, I am jealous. I need to make some hoops for home, too.