Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Get on the Ball DVD, any thoughts?


I noticed there is a new DVD, Get on the Ball 2, and wondered if anyone can tell me if they have tried this, and how they like it, the dogs like it, and whether they have noticed improvement after using it.



Jules said...

I have not seen the Get on The Ball 2 DVD. However, Bug and I use the ball. 1. he loves it, 2. it tuckers him out!

Kris said...

Darwin is in this DVD. I haven't seen it yet but Deb mentioned to me at the Cluster that Darwin made an appearance in it.

Deb is Darwin's rehab person - she brought him back from the shoulder injury that was most likely performance ending had I not found her.

I do a lot of ball work (ok not so much now that my ball ripped - I had a cheapy one and the psycho cat from hell attacked it). I love the ball work as do all the dogs.

Great core strenthening and I believe on this one she has different stages (puppy, active adult, older dogs).