Monday, April 19, 2010

2010 Goals

This is from Dog Sport magazine today on Facebook:

5 Tips for Goal Setting - 1) Develop long term and short terms goals of what you desire to achieve. 2) Develop training plans. 3) Keep a record of your progress. 4) Figure out what motivates you to improve your dog training. 5) Remember to have FUN and keep it FUN for your dog!

Here are Stewie's and my goals for 2010: in no particular order!

Increase distance work
Work on increasing lateral distance
Improve our get outs
I need to work on my body movement and keeping my cues consistent.
Work distance in every run, and don't just run for the Q-this will be difficult for me!
Get our last 6 Chances Q's to get our NATCH!
Have a lot of fun!

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