Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tunnelers Elite 300 title!

Found out when NADAC updated the points on their website, that Stewie had already earned the extended title, Elite Tunnelers 300 points, that I thoght he had needed one more Q for. I requested it on the NADAC award listing, now have to wait and wait for it to come!


Jules said...

Yay, Stweie and Nancy!!

Sariah said...

I was wondering what kennel you get your jack russells from? I have a beagle/jrt mix i do agility with and i LOVE her. i found her as a stray and it turns out she loves agility. luckily, she seems to take more after the jack than the beagle. when she retires, i want a full jack russell, but i want to get one from a kennel whose dogs excel at agility. where did you get your dog? he's great! can you recommend any? thanks!