Friday, February 27, 2009

CPE Trial Tomorrow

Stewie is competing in a CPE trial tomorrow. We have not done any CPE since about 3 trials when he was in novice. I am going to it since it is in the next town, and a new location and a good opportunity to train. We entered 3 runs, Jumpers, Wildcard, and Snooker. I will report back tomorrow and try to get some pics too.
We should have a lot of fun and also get to see some of our friends run too.


Jules said...

Are you going to be at Bo-Gee? Hope to see you there! I will have Carmen (s/p MS) and Bug (blue merle CWC).

Good luck! I can't wait. It sounds liek a very cool venue.

Nancy said...

I didn't read this until after the trial, so I didn't look for you!
How was your day? It was great to get Stewie on some equipment.

Jules said...

We had a great day. I liked the turf.