Monday, February 9, 2009

NADAC distance practice

It was a much warmer start to practice at the horse barn yesterday, actually warmer outside than in the barn. We did a great jumpers course, practicing go on's and lateral distance. There was a serpentine in it which was no problem for Stewie.
I still have to practice being quicker on my cues, esp when he is in the tunnel. He needs to know when he is halfway through whether he is going straight, go on, or turning, here or out.
The next course we did we put in a big speed circle and incorporated some hoops and 12 weave poles. It was a good test of lateral distance from the weave poles, and since he was exiting a tunnel and going to the weaves, for me to give him direction sooner. He had good collection from the tunnels to the poles, getting all his entries.

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