Monday, January 26, 2009

Distance Practice Go On's

Stewie and I practiced at the horse arena yesterday, it was cold but we took our turn often enough to stay warm. We worked on a Elite Chances course with the line down. We were not very successful at first. He was okay going on in a straight line away from me, but not laterally after a 90 degree turn.
I revved him up and ran with me and that helped quite a bit.
We need to practice go on's  more and get him more confident. And one thing I have to work on besides my body language and timing is to be able to sacrifice Q's in order to get better at distance work. That is going to be hard for me. I am more competitive than I had thought I would be when I started agility. 


Jules said...

hee...sorry, that last sentence just rings so true. But sacrificing for a bigger goal will be worth it!

Nancy said...

Well, I Say I will sacrifice a Q, but in the heat of the moment......who can say?