Friday, January 30, 2009

Try to tire out the Terrier

This winter has been really tough to get Stewie enough exercise. We haven't been spending much time outside. So we are doing a lot of activities in the house. We practice go on's to a target at the end of the hall. We also practice our contact behavior using a mouse pad. We are learning a new trick that is supposed to be good for hind end awareness, putting his front feet on a stool and circling around it. I call it the Elephant Trick! We started shaping that the other night. Stewie already knows to put his front feet on top of the stool. I will take some pictures soon and post them. 
Winter is also a great time to practice start line stays and verbal releases, and Crate Games, Stewie loves that! 
Any good ideas to tire him out, please send them our way!

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Jules said...

I love the elephant trick. Ike thinks the stool is the greatest! I have yet to post about Get On The Ball, but I am sold! It really tuckers those pups out. I promise I will get a post up soon.