Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sunday Practice

Well it was really cold at the horse barn on Sunday, but Stewie was so glad to be able to run around and do agility. We had enough turns often enough to stay pretty warm. What we did was a whole progression of Jane Simmon-Moake's series from Clean Run. I believe it was from Feb of 2006.
The first exercise was easy except my dog was wild and had the zoomies! After that he settled down a bit more and we did well. We did well with our back crosses as usual and did some distance work. I need to be more assertive and confident and expect him to do it. One of the best exercises for us included the serpentine, then a left turn to another jump, and then a right into a tunnel. Serpentines are a strength of ours.
Stewie also did some good weave entries, though he did pop out twice on the 10th pole, rats!

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