Friday, May 30, 2008

Heading to Addicted to Agility's NADAC trial in Wrentham, MA

At noon we are headed to Wrentham for Stewie's next NADAC trial. There are tunnelers fun run thru's for charity this afternoon, which we still do at least a couple of, it helps tire him out for the motel room! 
Our first class is Chances Sat morning, followed by Jumpers, and then Regular. Maybe we can get some Regular Q's since they aren't the first run of the day when he is wired!
Stewie has trouble sometimes with the NADAC weaves which are wider than USDAA weaves which is what I have at home and what we train on in class. We have been practicing with 21" spaced stick in the ground weave poles in the backyard this week, and after the first couple of day when he popped out a lot on the 10th pole, now he is flying. We'll see how that translates to the trial, he needs one more Elite Weavers Q to get his title.

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