Tuesday, May 20, 2008

USDAA New England Agility Team trial May 17-18

My club the New England Agility Team, NEAT, hosted their annual USDAA trial in Hampton Falls, NH last weekend. It was held at Wakeda Campground, www.wakedacampground.com.
The weather started rainy but soon cleared up and was warm and sunny the rest of the day Saturday. 
The trial went very smoothly and everyone had a great day. Stewie had snooker first class of the day, and was just finishing his 4th red jump when he went off course. His standard run was great until the very end, after getting his weave pole entry, and all three contacts, he went off course the 3rd jump from the ending. Bummer!
Sunday was a great day weather wise and everyone had fun runs. 

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