Thursday, May 8, 2008

NADAC Trial May 08

Stewie completed in the Northeast Agility Enthusiasts trial in Greenfield, Ma on May 3-4.

His first run of the day was Jumpers, one of his favorite classes. It was a fun run and Stewie was very focused for his first run of the day. He got a 1st place with a time of 24.65 with a course time of 27.56.

This was his 10th Elite Jumpers Q so this earned his Outstanding Tunnelers Elite certificate.

He Q'd in the 1st Regular with a 3rd place. His time was 47.77 seconds with a course time of 52.22. His second Regular run was fast and fantastic until the 2nd to the last obstacle, the A frame! He charged at it with great speed and flew over the contact. His time for that run was awesome, 36.58! It was the same course turned backwards and he was much faster the 2nd course. It was have been 1st place by far if he had gotten the contact.

In Tunnelers we had a good run, but not as fast as usual. Stewie's time was 26.51 seconds with a course time of 27.72. He got a Q and a 3rd place.

Weavers we did not Q in, he had to restart the polls a couple of time and we went over time.

Elite Chances he did not send out, so we didn't get the Q.

We also did Novice Hoopers for the 2nd time in competition. He had fun with it, even though it was our 7th run of the day, he was up for it. We had an easy plan and got a Q and a 1st place. Stewie's time was 21.41 seconds, and course time was 37.4.
It was a fun game and I noticed on the warm up hoop that Stewie turns very tight coming out of the Hoop to come back to me.

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