Thursday, May 8, 2008

NADAC Agility Trial- Sunday May 4th

Sunday started with Chances with no success. Stewie went off course during Regular so no Q there either. We had a fun and fast Tunnelers run except I got lost so we didn't Q. Stewie had fun during Tunnelers though!

Jumpers was the last run of the day and it was a great run. It started with a discrimination, after the 1st jump, the dog had to turn to start a 4 jump serpentine. If they didn't turn, they saw the A frame and the tunnel under it. Stewie got the discrimination, got the serpentine and the rest of the course, I could send him on ahead. He did great, and took a Q and 2nd place. It was a fast run, the kind Stewie likes best, where I can say "go on" and he can run fast and not have to wait for me.

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