Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Addicted to Agility NADAC trial

Addicted to Agility offered two Hoopers runs on Friday evening. Stewie only needed one more Q to finish his Open Hoopers title. Our first run was wild and all over the place, but we did manage to settle down and get a Q the second run.

On Saturday the only run we Q'ed in was Standard with a blue ribbon. It was an awesome run. In Jumpers Stewie actually went by a jump which is really unusual, also he dropped a jump bar in Chances on the 1st jump so that run was a no go.
Stewie did not stop on a contact once this whole weekend, just when I thought we had gotten him stopping, at least on the dog walk!

One really fun thing was we met our blog friend Julie with Carmen and Bug!! Carmen and Bug are even cuter in person. Check out their blog at http://slowasmolasses.blogspot.com.

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Jules said...

It was great to meet you and Stewie in person, and be introduced to Mary and Stewie's gf Lexie. Hopefully we'll see you at a future trial soon.