Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chances, so close, yet so far!

This Chances course looked challenging and it was. The first challenge was to keep Stewie from going off course after #2 to the off course off end of tunnel #9. He was a good boy and turned out of the tunnel and did 3-7, and I thought we were going to make it but he turned in to me after jump 7, and if the dog turns in to you, he sees a line to #3 and then the A-frame. And that is what he did. But I was very proud of him that we got that far along in this tough course.
Afterward Erin gave me some good advise which was that once I got him out to jump 6, I should have said "go tunnel" instead of just go jump, it would have given him more information and maybe kept him out on that line of jumps.
I never thought of it for that spot but I will keep it in my memory bank for next time!

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Jules said...

Wow, that looks tough!