Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday at Dummerston, VT

The NADAC trial in Dummerston Vt started with Elite Jumpers, here is the course map:

This was a great run, the only thing that went wrong was Stewie turned the wrong way after jump #11, but he came back, it only cost us a little time. He earned a Q and a 3rd place, with less than a second behind the 1st place dog.

Our 2nd run was Hoopers, and our first shot at Elite Hoopers. I thought I had a pretty good plan, and Stewie is really good at serpentines, at least jump serpentines, but we had to take 3 tries at the 3 hoop one. We did get it and got all the challenges, but we went over time. Silly hoopers!

Here is our 1st regular course. It was a fun course to run and we got a Q and a 1st place! Stewie did great weaves and contacts, but didn't stop on his dogwalk.

This is the course turned around,with a fast straightaway start, and an out to the tunnel. I was of course behind him and he went up the dog walk, so no Q for round 2.

Here is the Elite Chances course, it looked really hard and it was. It had the same dog walk/tunnel discrimination that the Regular course did, but at a big distance. Most dogs took the dogwalk, Stewie included, and Not A Single Elite or Open dog Q'ed at this course. The few dogs that got the discrimination went astray somewhere else.
Oh well..............we'll keep trying

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