Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday at Dummerston! A great day!

Sunday started off drizzly but nice and cool for the dogs to run. Our first run was Touch and Go. I was so worried about Stewie having an off course after the A frame to the #1 Hoop that I pulled him in too far and he missed the #10 hoop, before I could call him, he barrelled into the next tunnel. My mistake, other than that it was a fun run.

Our first regular run was awesome. Stewie did a great start line stay, and we were in sync the whole course. Boy does that feel great. This run was a Q and a 1st place! Here is the course map:
It had the same setup after the A-frame, this time I just stayed laterally away from the A frame and said "Here". The next tricky spot was 18 to 19. Stewie will usually chose the contact over the tunnel for the discrimination, so I had to really run to get there in time to get the out tunnel. When I added the Q to Stewie's NADAC point chart, I found out it was his 200 point Regular Q. Now he has his Outstanding Regular Title! 3 more Q's til his Regular Natch points are done.
In regular 2 we faced the out tunnel discrimination again at 16-17. I just couldn't make it there in time, I called out tunnel, and tried to push, but we went off course, so no Q.

Next was Chances, I started feeling really stressed when I went out to walk the course. Mary came out and walked it with me, even though Lexi had started limping so she wasn't running it. We thought it looked a lot more doable than Saturday's course. Here it is:

Mary was worried about Stewie going off course to the dummy jump after Jump 6 esp after I told her I was doing a front cross. She said to be really careful not to face the dummy jump or he would take it.
Here is my plan, I started on the left so I could back cross after # 3 to turn Stewie into the #4 tunnel and not risk a off course to the dummy tunnel under the A frame. It worked like a charm and he came out of the tunnel and went right out to # 5 and # 6, I did the front cross and called him, while facing #8 and he turned perfectly and sailed over # 7 and went on to 8 and I said tunnel and off he went! I called him in time and we finished and got the Q!!!! Hurray, this finished Stewie's Elite Chances title and also his Elite Versitility Award!!
What a great weekend we had! Our distance practice paid off big time.

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